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Proof Edit provides cost-effective, problem-free editing solutions. With our team of freelance editors, you are guaranteed a fast service with exceptional standards. However, should you need a little reassurance that the service is right for you, meets your requirements, and is of the standard you require, please do feel free to send a sample of your document for a free one-page edit.

In order to have your work analysed and edited, you will need to send your document through to Proof Edit using one of two methods:

Quick Purchase

Proof Edit's 'Quick Purchase' service (scroll to the bottom of this page) allows clients to submit a document and pay for their editing service in two easy steps. There is no need to wait for invoices or communication from Proof Edit; simply choose your editing package, make your payment via PayPal's safe and secure service, and send your document through to Proof Edit at service@proofedit.co.uk. Please be sure to include your PayPal transaction ID in your email so as to allow us to quickly and efficiently match-up payments with documents.

Please note: should you have a word count that does not fit into any of the detailed options—for example, if you have a word count of 13,000—simply pay for 12,000 words and then 1,000 words; however, should you have a word count of 12,745 words, simply pay for 12,000 words; Proof Edit will invoice you for any remaining balance.

Should you need a breakdown of what each editing service provides, please visit Proof Edit's Services page.


Email your document through to service@proofedit.co.uk.

Depending on the size of the document, you may need to compress the file using a program such as WinZip. Please note that the document needs to be in the format of Microsoft Word, Open Office, or notepad.

Once received, the document's word count will be confirmed, and an invoice will be forwarded using PayPal, which is a fast and secure way of making payments online. Alternatively, you may also send your payment via direct bank transfer to our business bank account (details on request). We then will work to the agreed timescale to edit and perfect your document.

Alternatively, should you have a larger document requiring editing and wish to avoid the delays caused by invoicing, you may pay using the Quick Purchase options (below).

Before Sending Via Email:

Please ensure that you have included the following information with your submission:

• Your name.
• The email address your completed document should be sent to (if different to above).
• The email address you completed payment with.
• PayPal order number as proof of payment.

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