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CVs and Résumés

A Curriculum Vitae—or CV—is a crucial document which can quite often be overlooked and not given the credit it deserves. When considering how much this simple 2–3 page text can affect a person's career—and life—it maybe becomes more apparent as to why attention to detail is absolutely paramount.

When looking for jobs, your CV is your first opportunity to impress prospective employers. It should therefore contain every single detail which could possibly support and enhance any employment application, and give the impression that a professional and competent individual is behind the written papers.

This vital document should be given unlimited time and dedication. It needs to read concisely, professionally, articulately. It needs to be free from any spelling, punctuation and grammar errors. It needs to be properly edited and formatted, with consistent headings, layout, and font face and size. Every element needs to be given the utmost consideration in order to provide industry professionals with a very positive impression.

Proof Edit has eight years' experience in the formatting and editing of CVs and résumés alone. With this experience, every client can be rest assured that the editing of any CV will be completed to exceptional standards.







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