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Unlike any other written document, a book—in the form of a novel, fiction or non-fiction—has had immeasurable care and attention invested into each and every page. So much time is taken to pen each word, ensuring every page entices the reader to keep on turning. It is then no wonder that every author wants their book to be the very best it can be. As a team of writers and avid readers, we fully understand an author's desire to ensure our books are perfect. It is this insight that instils in each member of our team real passion for these particular editing assignments.

Editing a manuscript requires a keen eye for detail and the ability to pick up on even the smallest of errors. A book needs to be edited to ensure there are no loose ends, and that everything flows. Questions need to be answered and pictures need to be painted. Stories need to be told.

We are firm believers that, when a book is read, its story stays with us forever. It becomes ingrained in us. With this in mind, it is therefore absolutely essential that every single word on the written page is considered: regardless of whether a book is fiction or non-fiction, and irrespective of genre, a deep edit is a crucial stage in the writing process. The need to ensure perfect grammar, spelling and punctuation is essential; a reader should remember your book for all the right reasons — and not because of errors or discrepancies scattered (and standing out) in amongst the good as the pages are turned.

Proof Edit has vast experience in the editing of books—both fiction and non-fiction. This experience, combined with our professionalism and genuine love of editing these works, ensures every author receives an exceptional editing service, with an immaculately written book as the outcome.







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